“Welcome to the 3890 AM Texoma Traders Net Self Serve Buy-Sell Equipment list.

To list your equipment for sale use the “Comment” field to post. Be sure to list the make and model. Price, condition and whether you’d be willing to ship/deliver or if it’s local sales only…” 

5 thoughts on ““Welcome to the 3890 AM Texoma Traders Net Self Serve Buy-Sell Equipment list.”

  1. The comment “field” is where you will find recent listings. This is a test to make sure the comment field is active.

    CONDITION: 6 out of 10 some wear
    ASKING PRICE: Too much HAHA.
    CONTACT: youremail@zzz.com
    Phone: 555-1212


  2. Hello to the group. Would like to trade 4, 2A3 tubes all working. Tested on my TV-7D tester. 2, RCA 2, Sylvania. Looking for a NOS 4-400A, Eimac or Amperex.

  3. High Quality Amps For Sale

    I have an AL1200 and AL800H for sale
    They are both at most 4 years old…like new…very few hours and work super

    Special on the AL800H …I put in new 3CXP800 tubes in the amp when I bought it…these are the higher rated tubes and should last a lifetime
    same size as AL80B but can do 2KW out
    HRO price….$2849.95
    My price…$2100

    AL1200…put new tube in 9 mos. ago…have original that can be purchased extra but at a favorable price with the amp….very few hours on both tubes…one of last with Peter Dahl HV transformer
    HRP price….$3399.95
    My price…$2500


    (C)1- 601-320-1902

  4. Jeff W0XV NEEDS:

    Hi fellow AM Forum members… I have a big AM
    transmitter project on hold until I can find two shaft couplers that are
    1/4″ to 1/2″, preferably like the Johson/National ones that are ceramic with
    metal on each side..If you look at the attached pic you will see the shaft
    of the Vac. Variables that I need to couple the 1/4″ shaft to….any help
    would be very much appreciated…if you can help please let me know what you
    have and the price…many thanks…73…Jeff…W0XV

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